Simple & powerful tool for epidemiology and bio-statistics that helps you analyze data and create publishable result tables, all without writing code

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See & Understand Data

The very first screen you will encounter after specifying your dataset will show a list of your variables and a list of their respective distributions. This is done automatically and is helpful to generating hypothesis and identifying the method of analysis.

Managing Data

EmpowerStats also provides a deep set of tools for organizing and manipulating your datasets and specific variables. Features include Categorize continuous variables, Re-group categorical variables, Standardize variables, Create new variables, Merge / append datasets, Transpose variables & records, Statistics over subsets of records, Statistics within each record, Check duplicates, Check variable pattern, and more.

Organize R code and results

EmpowerStats provides a complete documentation on all the analysis modelue setting, R code, R running log, R outputs, and final publishable tables/graphics.

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