Basics Concepts for Empower DataWeb2

  • Form: The data of a research project is composed of several forms, and a form is composed of several question items (from questionnaire or examination item). The form is designed according to the data collection method and process. Often the data collected by the same process or method is stored in one form for easy filling. A form requires one-time completion of data collection and data entry. For example, one-time finished questionnaire can be made into a form, and one-time finished follow-up record can be made into a form. The form can be used repeatedly. For example, if a project conducts multiple follow-up visits to the research subjects, and the questionnaire content and examination items are basically the same in each follow-up visit, the same follow-up FORM can be used. Of course different projects can also use the same FORM.
  • Question: The FORM is composed of question items, which include the questions in questionnaire or the examination items of a specific testing method/process. Questions eventually form fields or variables in the database. Reuse of questions is more common. For example, basically every project needs to collect the gender of the research subject, and the question item "gender" will be used repeatedly in many subjects.

Management of Forms and Questions in Empower DataWeb2

  • Each user can design their own questions and forms and store them in the system. Each form and question has a corresponding registrant, and only the registrant can modify it.
  • User-designed forms can be shared with others or not. Once your form or/and questions are shared and referenced, you can no longer modify them, otherwise it will affect other people's data collection. If your form still needs to be modified, you need to set it as not shared. Conversely, when you call other people's forms and questions, their referred forms and questions can no longer be modified, and you can use them with no worry about it could be changed later.

Service Fee for Empower DataWeb2

  • Fees are charged per user. As long as a user is authorized, he can add questions, forms, register projects, add working staff, enter data, view data, download data, etc., and perform various project data operations.
  • New users have a 31-day free use period, after that they need to purchase an authorization. Refer to others can extend the authorization, and each successful refering can extend referer 1 month authorization with the maximum 6 months extension through refering.
  • The principle investigator should make sure that each staff member of the project has authorization to use Empower DataWeb2, and project staff without authorization or whose authorization has expired cannot perform any operations on the project data.
  • If the project needs to use the randomization central control system, additional charge of 10,000 yuan (RMB) are required per project.
  • The purchase authorization period and price are shown in the table below (RMB Yuan):
    3 months6 months1 year3 years
    Standard price1000200030007500
    Current onSale price600120018004500

    Note: Users who have purchased advanced user rights on DataWeb, please use the same email address as DataWeb when registering DataWeb2, and the system will automatically add a 1-year authorization.