EmpowerStats: Autorize PC (, )

About EmpowerStats PC stand-alone version:
  1. Does not require internet connection, free to download and install.
  2. Stand-alone version is bound to the machine. The machine need to be activated to obtain an unique "USER-ID" (eg. 001H) to use EmpowerStats.
  3. Each machine has a 30-day trial period. During the trial period, you can use stand-alone basic modules (including web-version basic modules plus "diagnose for association" plus all the data tool modules).
  4. To use all functional modules, a full version license for the machine is required. After the full version license expires, you can continue to use the basic modules of the stand-alone version. Computer that was not licensed for the full version will no longer be able to use for EmpowerStats after the trial period expires.
  5. Single-computer licensing method 1: Directly purchase a 1-month ($20 USD) or 1-year ($200 USD) single-computer license, no need to register a user account, and can only be used on one machine.
  6. Single-computer licensing method 2: Through EmpowerStats user account authorization, if you have registered a user account and have a full version authorization of 90 days or more, you can add the authorization to 1-2 computers. If your EmpowerStats acccount has longer than 1 year FULL version license, you also need to authorized each machine once a year.
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