System initialization ......(can register or log in, but not analyzing data now)

Open a project

Create new project
1. Create a new folder under Empower4Mac/Analysis/ Should be consist of A-Z and/or 0-9 only
Do not use "databook", "webTools", "www" (reserved name)
length less than 20
2. Place the data file into the folderShould be consiste of A-Z and/or 0-9 only.
Data type: .xlsx, .xls, .csv, .txt, .rdata, .sas7bdat, .xpt, .sav
Data won't upload to EmpowerStats serverAll analysis takes place in users computer. Data and output files saved only in users computer.
EmpowerStats takes no means to access your data and outputs files.
Variable manipulation
(If multiple,use VAR1+VAR2)
Change value:
Wrong entry Correct entry
Change outliers as NA (missing) (Check/edit the definition of outlier): NA
< Mean - * SD
> Mean + * SD
< % percentile
> % percentile
Wrong entry (eg. >100, ==200, >"A", NA): Blank means NA
Save as new variable:

Enter the conditions
Variable name Value or variable (comma separate ='or')
Import/Export variable coding/labeling